About Us

Hello there! Welcome to Savvy Tune. My name is Edison and I’m the guy behind this blog. This website is a side hobby that I thought would be beneficial for many and might as well be a good source of income for me in the future.

How I Ended Up Here…

After getting my Bachelor of Business Economics, I realized that I wasn’t into Economics and I wasn’t very excited to pursue a career in this field. So, I decided to be my own boss and have some freedom in managing my work so I started exploring the online freelance market. Fast forward, I’ve discovered that I was really into transcription and took a shot at it. I’ve been working as a freelance transcriber for almost 4 years now.

Throughout the years, I’ve taken many jobs from dozens of clients and whatever the topics were, I really enjoyed every minute of transcribing. However, there was one category that always stood out for me: music transcription. I have so much fun transcribing music to the extent that made me explore and fall in love with some vintage audio devices like turntables. 

My passion for turntables has grown since 2019; I have read about and tried out multiple record players over the years. I can’t say I’m a turntable expert but I’m really interested in everything related to turntables and vinyl records. That’s what lead me to start this blog as a side hobby.

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