Howdy Doody was one of the first shows that NBC produced. It was extremely popular with children and even adults.

As a result, all sorts of dolls, toys, and outfits were inspired by this unforgettable show. One of these collectibles is the Howdy Doody record player.

So, how much is a Howdy Doody record player worth? And how rare is it? We’ll answer all the questions in today’s article! Stick around to find out more.

How Much Is a Howdy Doody Record Player Worth?

The Howdy Doody record player’s worth varies depending on its condition and the purpose and use of the record player. Since it’s a rare collectible from the show, it can be worth hundreds of dollars. Yet, it can sell for a much lower price depending on whether the record player even works.

That’s because the Howdy Doody record player is considered a rare collectible. Especially taking into account how much everyone loved the show, and how the record player only had a limited release.

It can be pretty difficult to find a Howdy Doody record player in mint condition. That means even Howdy Doody record players in average state are still valued.

The reason for that is because the Howdy Doody record players haven’t been released in over 60 years. Furthermore, it was made for children, so most Howdy Doody record players aren’t well-used.

The Howdy Doody record player also wouldn’t be a great addition to many homes. Naturally, the striped record top and freckled puppet will definitely stick out like a sore thumb.

That said, antique collectors love the Howdy Doody record player. A well-used record player can sell for hundreds of dollars. After all, it’s a huge and rare part of American culture.

Is the Howdy Doody Record Player Worth Buying?

If you want to purchase a record player to play your vinyl records, it goes without saying that the Howdy Doody record player isn’t the best option.

That’s because the vintage record player wasn’t even made with the intention of playing records. It’s simply a piece of merchandise that was made for children.

What’s more is that most vintage record players require spare parts and a lot of maintenance. If you don’t do this upkeep, the Howdy Doody record player might damage your records in the long run. So, you’ll actually lose money on this purchase.

However, there’s no denying the unique design and vintage aesthetic of the Howdy Doody record player. That’s why a lot of people collect these memorabilia, either to admire it as a vintage antique or to use it as a unique decoration.

In other words, if you’re a big fan of Howdy Doody, the record player can be an excellent addition to your collection.

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Where to Get Howdy Doody Record Player?

While you definitely won’t be able to find a Howdy Doody record player laying in a toy store, you can find it in pawn shops and collectibles venues.

Additionally, you can find some Howdy Doody record players on bidding websites, like eBay, as well as auctions.

Is the Howdy Doody Record Player Worth Selling?

If you still have a Howdy Doody record player from back in the day, it can be worth some money, especially one that’s in good condition.

However, it’s unlikely that it’ll make you a fortune selling it. So, it might be a good idea to only keep it as an heirloom or simply use it for decoration. There’s always a chance that it’ll have a greater value in the future.

Where to Sell The Howdy Doody Record Player?

The easiest place to sell your Howdy Doody record player is online. Bidding websites, such as eBay, are full of collectors and antique lovers. Many of them would love to get their hands on a vintage piece like the Howdy Doody record player.

What’s more, is that there are many TV fans that enjoy collecting the show’s memorabilia. That’s why you can search through online forums for a buyer.

For a marketing-savvy approach, you can even sell the record player simply as a vintage, circus-themed phonograph!

Who is Howdy Doody?

The Best of Howdy Doody - 20 Episodes

You might’ve gotten your hands on a Howdy Doody record player, or were simply intrigued by its unique, colorful design. Yet, who is Howdy Doody? And why is this record player so in demand?

Howdy Doody was the main character in a popular American TV program of the same name. This show was a huge hit due to its patriotic and western nature, especially considering how Howdy Doody had 48 freckles representing the American states at the time.

Children and adults alike loved the freckled marionette boy. This show was one of the most adored children’s TV shows in America. It has even revolutionized American TV.

The show was a giant hit in the 50s. Everybody watched it, which caused many children to want a doll that looked just like the beloved Howdy Doody.

Naturally, the show’s success led to the production of merchandise ranging from dolls to the infamous Howdy Doody phono doodle.

The Howdy Doody record player follows the same Western and circus themes of the show while also featuring the adorable face of Howdy Doody! Its colorful stripes are sure to cheer anyone up.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a question on your mind, here are some common questions regarding our topic for today:

Is The Howdy Doody Record Player Rare?

Since the manufacturing of all Howdy Doody merchandise, including the record player, stopped in the 60s, the only available Howdy Doody record players are the ones that survived from that era.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty rare record player, and it’s even rarer to find one in good shape.

Can I Listen To My Vinyl Records On A Howdy Doody Record Player?

Unfortunately, it isn’t a great idea to listen to your vinyl records on a Howdy Doody record player. Even if you find one that’s in fairly good shape, it’s highly likely that it’ll have outdated hardware that might damage your records.

So, while it’s definitely possible to listen to your records on a Howdy Doody record player, it’s best to keep any valuable records away from it.