Fun Fact: Bluetooth is actually named after a Danish king.

Another Fun Fact: With a Bluetooth-connected vinyl record player, you can be the king of music as you listen to high-quality audio from your smartphone, speakers, or headphones.

Vinyl record players are all about creating that vintage audio experience while you’re listening to your favorite tunes, but new technology can enhance your listening experience to a great extent.

By connecting your Wockoder record player to your smartphone or external speakers, you’ll be taking your favorite music to a whole new level. So, if you want to know how to connect Wockoder to Bluetooth, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about setting up your record player and connecting it to a Bluetooth device.

How to Connect Wockoder to Bluetooth

A Wockoder record player is a vinyl record player that connects to your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, or phone for an exceptional audio experience. The in/out Bluetooth function is activated from the “Mode” button, and then you can select the device you want to connect.

Connecting your record player to a Bluetooth device is straightforward because all the buttons and functions are easy to access. Yet, you need to make sure that the other device is switched on and within the range of your record player to prevent distortion. Here are the right steps to follow to connect your Wockoder Player to Bluetooth. 

Setting Up your Wockoder Record Player

The Wockoder record player is a versatile vintage-style record player with a modern twist. It features the classic vintage design of vinyl record players with Bluetooth input/output to enhance your listening experience. You can also connect a USB to the player to record your favorite tracks.

All the functions are easy to access, and getting your record player to work is a straightforward task, even if you haven’t used a vinyl record player before.

Just hold the power button for three seconds until the record player is on. This means that the device is connected to electricity and is ready for use.

You can either start playing your favorite music or proceed to the following steps to connect it to a new Bluetooth device. Connecting your record player to the phone means that you can access more music tracks, while connecting it to your external speakers will result in better audio quality.

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Adjusting the LP

Choose the LP function, which prepares the record player to read and play your favorite vinyl records. Once you have selected the LP function, you can set the LP at the core of the turntable. You can also switch between functions from the power button.

Most standard LP records play at a speed of 33. Yet, you can adjust the speed from the record player, as the Wockoder comes with two more speed settings, 45 and 78. Selecting the wrong speed to play your records will damage both the vinyl record and the needle on your record player.

Connecting the Bluetooth Function to a Phone

Your Wockoder player is all set to play your favorite music tracks. However, if you need to connect it to a Bluetooth device, you’ll need to follow the following steps.

  • Make sure that the auto-stop switch is on.
  • From the “Mode” button, choose the Bluetooth function.
  • The blue screen on your record player will flash quickly.
  • You’ll hear a sound that says pairing once you press “Play.” This means that your record player is ready to be paired with any Bluetooth device within range.
  • Open the Bluetooth Settings on your smartphone and select CODI, which is your device’s name.
  • The record player should respond with a sound that says “Connecting’ to indicate that the pairing process is successful.
  • The blue screen will stop flashing and will remain lit.
  • You’ll be able to hear music from your phone from the speakers on your record player.
  • Adjust the bass or treble to create the desired audio effect from the setup button.
Bluetooth speaker with smart phone

Connection the Bluetooth Function to Your Speakers

The beauty of the Bluetooth function is that you can use it both ways; to play music from your phone to your record player’s speakers or from the vinyl record playing on record your player to external speakers or an entertainment center.

External speakers and entertainment centers deliver a higher audio quality, and the volume can be adjusted to more settings. You can also place the speakers in another room to enjoy your favorite music wherever you go.

  • Start by turning on your record player using the previous steps, and then follow these steps to connect your device to external speakers.
  • Select “Mode,” and then choose the “Bluetooth Out” function to connect your record player to an external device.
  • Click “Power On,” and the option of “POW Off” will appear at the bottom of the little screen.
  • Wait until the Initial disappears, and then click “Play.”
  • At the bottom of the screen, the word “Search” will appear. This indicates that your record player is ready to pair with an external device.
  • Switch on your Bluetooth speakers or entertainment center.
  • The speakers’ name or model will appear on the little screen of your Wockoder record player.
  • Select the speakers or any other external device, and you’ll hear a beep. This will show you that your device has successfully connected to the record player.
  • Start playing your music, and you’ll hear the music coming from your speakers. There might still be a low sound coming from the record player, but this isn’t alarming.

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Can I Use External Speakers Without Bluetooth?

Fortunately, your Wockoder record player comes with a cable connection that you can use if the Bluetooth function isn’t working properly. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Switch on your record player as you would normally.
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth function is switched off.
  • Grab the audio cable and insert it into the port in your external speakers.
  • Check out the back of your record player, and insert the cable in the correct position.