Spin-Clean Vs Knosti Disco-Antistat: Which Is Better?

It’s no secret that cleaning vinyl records can be a time-consuming process for any record collector. Whether passed down from your grandpa or purchased at a record store, vinyl records are precious.

Naturally, when looking for a record cleaning product, you want the best of the best for your collection. The Spin-Clean and the Knosti Disco-Antistat record washers are examples of the best.

With both products praised by many people, it can be challenging to choose between them. To give you a helping hand, we’ve provided you with a helpful comparison of the two products.

Let’s get started!

Spin-Clean vs Knosti Disco-Antistat Overview

With the Spin-Clean, it’s all about speed. It can wash up to 50 records per cycle, whereas the Knosti Disco-Antistat can only wash eight.

The Knosti kit gets the job done at half the price but may take a longer time. Hence, the Spin-Clean kit would be better for collectors, whereas the Knosti kit would be great for beginners.



  • Up to 50 records per cycle
  • Better for Collectors
Knosti Disco-Antistat

Knosti Disco-Antistat

  • Only 8 records per cycle
  • Better for beginners.

What is Spin-Clean Record Washer?

Spin-Clean Kit

  • Includes a yellow basin with a cover
  • Includes cleaning brushes
  • Includes rollers
  • Includes cleaning fluid
  • Includes drying towels

Manufactured in the USA, the Spin-Clean record washer first appeared in the mid-1970s. It’s widely regarded as one of the best record-washing kits for professionals and vinyl collectors.

This product comes in three different kits:

  1. The Complete Kit
  2. The Deluxe Kit
  3. The Limited-Edition Kit

With the complete kit, you’ll be getting a bright yellow basin with a cover. You’ll also be getting two rollers, one 4-ounce container of washing fluid, a pair of cleaning brushes, and two drying towels.

In addition to these items, the deluxe set also includes a 32-ounce container of cleaning fluid and seven drying towels. The limited-edition kit comes with an anti-static, carbon fiber record brush.

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What is the Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaner?

Knosti Disco-Antistat Kit

Knosti Disco-Antistat Kit
  • Includes a light gray basin.
  • Includes a pair of goat hair brushes.
  • Includes a set of record clamps.
  • Includes a bottle of 1L Disco-Antistat Liquid.
  • Includes a funnel with two filters.
  • Includes a drying rack that fits up to 15 records.
  • You can reuse the cleaning fluid.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the Knosti Disco-Antistat record washer has also been widely used since the mid-1970s. This Knosti kit includes a light gray basin, a pair of goat hair brushes, and a set of record clamps that protect the label on the record.

It also comes with a drying rack that fits up to 15 records, a bottle of 1L Disco-Antistat Liquid, and a funnel with two filters so you can reuse the cleaning fluid.

How Are the Spin-Clean and the Knosti Disco-Antistat Kits Different?

Let’s start with the most notable difference; the color of both sets. The Spin-Clean basin is bright yellow, while the Knosti Disco-Antistat basin is light gray.

Another difference is the number of parts included in both kits. The Knosti Disco-Antistat kit includes a drying rack, a set of record clamps to protect the label, and a funnel with two filters. None of these things are included in the Spin-Clean kit.

Another distinguishing feature we noticed between these two products is the brush material. The Knosti brushes are made of goat hair, whereas the Spin-Clean brushes are actually velvet pads.

The final difference between the two systems is the method of use. The systems essentially serve the same purpose. However, there’s a slight difference in the technique used in both.

With the Spin-Clean device, you place the record and let it rest on the rollers inside the basin. Then, you begin rotating the record by gently pressing on the edges with the tips of your fingers.

The Knosti Disco-Antistat, on the other hand, comes with clamps that you attach to the record from both sides. This is done to protect the label from any potential damage.

How Are the Spin-Clean and the Knosti Disco-Antistat Kits Similar?

There are several similarities between the two systems since they both accomplish the same goal. The first similarity between the two products is that both of the basins are light-colored.

As much as this adds a touch of style to the product, manufacturers do this so you can see how much dirt the washer has removed from the record. Pretty smart move!

Another similarity between these two is the setup, which goes as follows: placing the rollers in the desired position within the basin, inserting the brushes within the vertical slots, and filling the basin with distilled water and the cleaning solution.

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What’s Better About the Spin-Clean Record Washer?

After testing the product and researching customer feedback, we concluded that nothing tops the Spin-Clean cleaning fluid. This is because the Spin-Clean cleaning fluid helps make the loosened debris sink to the bottom of the basin before it can resettle on the record.

It has come to our attention that the Knosti cleaning solution leaves residue on the record and, therefore, requires rinsing the vinyl before letting it dry. This, of course, can be time-consuming, especially if you have a lot of records to clean.

To top it all off, the Spin-Clean washer can wash up to 50 records per cycle, whereas the Knosti washer can only wash up to eight records.

What’s Better About the Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Washer?

It has to be the drying rack! I mean, come on. It’s surprising that a company as big as Spin-Clean hasn’t included a drying rack in its kits yet. The Knosti Disco-Antistat kit includes a drying rack that can fit up to 15 records.

Another plus about the Knosti kit is the clamps provided to protect the label. Although the two systems clearly state how much water you should put in to keep the label safe, it’s nice to see a company going the extra mile for its customers.

Finally, the Spin-Clean record washer costs nearly twice as much as the Knosti Disco-Antistat. Given that they’re both constructed entirely of plastic, the Knosti seems to have a much more reasonable price.

Who Should Get the Spin-Clean Record Washer?

This product is one of the best for a reason. It’s durable, high quality, and can wash way more records in one cycle. Although it’s quite pricey, the Spin-Clean kit is recommended for people who need a fast, dependable, and long-lasting record washer.

In conclusion, the Spin-Clean washer is the best choice for vinyl record collectors and/or record store owners.

Who Should Get the Knosti Disco-Antistat Record Washer?

The majority of people agree that the Knosti cleaning fluid isn’t the best. It actually slows down the entire process. On top of that, the device can only wash eight records at a time.

Therefore, it’s not the best for professionals or people who own an extensive vinyl collection. However, it gets the job done for half the price!

So, if you’re just getting into the vinyl-collecting hobby or own a small number of records, this product is an excellent choice for you.