Keeping your vinyl records clean is extremely essential if you don’t want to add unwanted noises or diminish the quality of the record sound. Smudges, fingerprints, scratches, and dust can also add up and cause significant damage to your precious records with time.

However, I’ve always found manually cleaning vinyl records to be a little time consuming, making it hard to regularly clean them, and that’s where record cleaning machines come in handy!

If you’re suffering from the same problem, this guide is for you! Today, we’ll put Spin Clean vs Vinyl Styl in a brief comparison to see which one is the best record cleaning machine for your needs. Let’s dive right in!

Spin Clean vs Vinyl Styl Overview

Spin Clean

Spin Clean

  • Better choice for faster cleaning and drying
Vinyl Styl

Vinyl Styl

  • Reusable cleaning solutions
  • Minimal contact while cleaning and drying

Both Spin Clean and Vinyl Styl come at similar prices and are great choices for anyone who wants to clean vinyl records in little to no time.

However, Spin Clean is a better choice if you want faster cleaning and drying while Vinyl Styl is ideal for those who prefer reusable cleaning solutions with minimal contact while cleaning and drying.

What Is Spin Clean?

Record Washer System by Spin-Clean® | Deep Groove Record Cleaning Helps in Reducing Pops and Crackles | Album Cleaner May Fix Skips That Have Lingered for Years | Proudly Made in The USA

Spin Clean is a vinyl record cleaning set that is very easy to use and helps in keeping your vinyl records in optimal conditions for a long time.

The set is composed of a washing basin unit as well as a non-damaging cleaning solution and drying cloths. The device works by loading the cleaning brushes, filling the basin with distilled water and cleaning solution, then loading the records.

After a few spins, the record should be cleaned up and all that’s left is to dry it out with the cotton cloth and you’re good to go!

What Is Vinyl Styl?

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System - for 7/10/12 Inch (White)

Vinyl Styl is another vinyl record cleaning machine that works using a similar concept to Spin Clean.

The device also features a basin unit in addition to a cleaning solution as well as other items, such as:

  • Drying rack
  • Label clamp wheel and adapter for 45 RPM records
  • Funnel
  • Strainer
  • Fitters

To use the device, you need to fill the basin with the cleaning fluid, attach the label clamp wheel to the record, place it on the axle rotator, then spin the record 5 full revolutions.

After that, remove the clamp, and place the record on the rack to air dry, then pour back the solution into the bottle for multiple uses (pass it through the strainer provided in the package to get rid of dirt).

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What Are the Differences Between Spin Clean and Vinyl Styl?

Although both cleaning machines have similar concepts, each one of them is slightly unique when it comes to execution.

For example, Spin Clean is rotated by hand from the edges of the record while Vinyl Styl features a rotator clamp for minimal contact with the records.

The cleaning solution is another major difference, as Spin clean dilutes the cleaning solution in distilled water and isn’t reusable while the solution in Vinyl Styl is reusable.

However, both of them allow you to use the device thousands of times, so you’re set in both of them!

Lastly, Spin Clean relies on manual drying using a soft cotton cloth while Vinyl Styl has a drying rack to allow the records to air dry on their own.

What Are the Similarities Between Spin Clean and Vinyl Styl?

As previously established, both record washing systems are quite similar in terms of how they work, as the two of them depend on rotating the record into a basin of cleaning solution, then drying them out.

The two devices also have adjustability features that let you adjust the basin for different record sizes. Whether you’re using Vinyl Styl or Spin Clean, you can clean 7, 10, and 12 inch records with relative ease.

Moreover, both the Spin Clean and Vinyl Styl come at nearly the same price and they both come with all the necessary accessories for cleaning and drying.

What Makes Spin Clean a Better Choice?

There are a few aspects in which the Spin Clean Record Washing System has an advantage over Vinyl Styl.

For starters, Spin Clean is relatively easier to use, especially if you’re cleaning multiple records of the same size simultaneously.

This is because the records are fitted directly to the cleaning unit without using label clamps to fit them onto the axle.

You also discard the cleaning solution after use, which helps in keeping the purity of the washer fluid.

Lastly, drying with a cotton cloth is easier and quicker if you’re in a hurry, so the system is pretty faster and more convenient than Vinyl Styl.

What Makes Vinyl Styl a Better Choice?

On the other hand, Vinyl Styl also has its advantages over Spin Clean. For starters, the whole unit looks neater when not in use and you can store all the accessories inside.

The rotator label clamps might be more annoying to attach and remove but they prevent the cleaning solution from reaching the label.

It also has several grooves that you can use to rotate the record without touching its edges, which prolongs the life of the record.

Additionally, with Vinyl Styl, you don’t need to use distilled water to dilute the washing fluid, as you can use it straight out of the bottle. Not only that, but you can return it to the bottle and reuse it again.

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Who Should Go for Spin Clean (And Why)?

Spin Clean is ideal for anyone who wants to clean a lot of records of the same size in a shorter amount of time.

In fact, Spin Clean is the go-to option for anyone who is mainly getting a record washing system to make the cleaning process faster and more convenient.

Who Should Go for Vinyl Styl (And Why)?

Vinyl Styl is an excellent choice for anyone who has a relatively small collection of precious vinyl records and prefers minimal contact with the record, even while cleaning and drying.

It’s also a good choice for anyone who finds diluting the solution with distilled water annoying and prefers a more ready-to-use fluid.