How To Clean Moldy Record Covers In 4 Easy Steps

Clean Moldy Record Covers In 4 Easy Steps

As a vinyl collector, it’s safe to say that finding a record cover in pristine condition is a rare sight to see. Whether it’s cut corners, seam splits, or mold, record covers are prone to standard wear and tear over time. When picking up your Nina Simone or Otis Redding that’s been sitting in your … Read more

Spin Clean vs Vinyl Styl: Which One Should You Get?

Keeping your vinyl records clean is extremely essential if you don’t want to add unwanted noises or diminish the quality of the record sound. Smudges, fingerprints, scratches, and dust can also add up and cause significant damage to your precious records with time. However, I’ve always found manually cleaning vinyl records to be a little … Read more