There are few bands that are as viscerally enthralling as the Gorillaz. They’re so unique and powerful in every way. Understandably, that makes their fans far from casual in most cases.

Of course, as Demon Days is their most successful album to date, going six times platinum, it’s only natural that the demand for this album, especially in collectible formats, would be insane, especially when it comes to vinyl.

How Much Do Demon Days Vinyls Cost?

Because of the high demand, the Demon Days vinyl can cost anywhere between $70 and $350, depending on when you bought it, its condition, and its authenticity. That was until its reissue in 2017, that is. Nowadays, you can find it for much cheaper.

Since 2017, there have been a handful of official pressings of the Demon Days vinyl record. However, hundreds of copies have been made unofficially between then and the album’s first release, as demand for it was huge after the original press sold out.

Let’s look at the five most notable editions since the album’s release in 2005, as well as an interesting bonus at the end!

1. The Original Press

The first spot on this list, without a doubt, should go to the adored and coveted original 2005 press. This is by far the best press there is for Demon Days in terms of pressing quality, mastering quality, and of course, authenticity. Any Gorillaz-loving record collector knows that.

It includes two vinyl discs and comes in a simple yet incredibly creative gatefold cover. This press is dearly cherished by Gorillaz fans as it was far superior to all the following reissues.

The master was better, the bass levels were more balanced, and the songs seamlessly faded into each other without awkward pauses in between.

While this vinyl was made in very small quantities, you can still buy ones off websites like eBay and more specialized vinyl online stores. It costs anywhere between $70 and $350 depending on its condition.

While its value has decreased since the 2017 reissue, it’s still pretty rare and is expected by fans to increase in value over time.

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2. The Vinyl Me, Please Reissue

In 2017, the vinyl subscription service Vinyl Me, Please announced that its subscribers will be getting a gorgeous translucent red pair of records with an exclusive sticker pack.

Each side of the vinyls featured one of the Gorillaz members on the label, and it looked super cool! This one became available over time as people started selling their copies.

In terms of price, this edition is one of the most valuable ones coming only second to the original press.

The one thing fans and listeners hated about this one is the issue of the transitions. With this master, there are some pauses between the sounds, which changes the experience quite a bit. It’s also said to have more surface noise than the original press.

3. The Purple Vinyl

Third, we’ve got the limited Target exclusive, the all-purple Demon Days. It comes with the original design, with the Gorillaz on the sleeves, but uses the same master as the VMP version.

This one is actually in stock right now in the US and is available for immediate purchase in many points of sale, which is why it’s significantly cheaper than the first and second presses.

You might notice that it has some mixed reviews, but most of the negative ones just state that it’s worse than the original. In its own right, however, this is a high-quality vinyl press with minimal surface noise.

4. The Picture Disc

Another great release is, of course, the picture disc, which features one of the Gorillaz on each side of the two vinyls.

To some fans’ dismay, these picture discs come in a very basic clear sleeve. It also sounds pretty inferior, as you’d expect from a picture disc.

Due to their unimpressive sound quality, these white vinyls are cheaper than the red ones but still in higher demand than Target’s special edition ones. While they do look cool, it’s a bit hard to justify paying this much and getting a noisy record that just looks cool.

Demon Days [Vinyl]

Picture prints on vinyl interfere with the fine grooves and can create unnecessary noise. If you intend to buy this record to elevate your listening experience, this wouldn’t be our first recommendation.

5. The Classic Black Vinyl

If you’re looking for the vinyls that look as close as possible to the original press, you’d be happy to know that black Demon Days vinyls are widely available now.

You can think of this press as the basic no-frills vinyl of the whole bunch. It uses the same new master with no crossfading transitions, it sounds good and possibly even better than the picture discs, and it’s probably the cheapest.

Another great thing about it is that it’s fairly easy to find. It’s available right now on Amazon, depending on your location.

Bonus: The Liquid-Filled Vinyl

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably super interested in this vinyl. If so, then you probably know about this intriguing bonus version. However, there are a few reasons this one didn’t make the main list.

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The first one is that this press is actually bootlegged. That may be a plus or a downside, depending on who you ask, but it definitely sounds noticeably worse than official releases.

This unique press is filled with colored liquid that’s often two separate colors that flow around each other like oil and water. They vary greatly in color and look like they’re from a different reality, much like the Gorillaz themselves.

When spun, these liquids morph into the coolest shapes and can look anything from mesmerizing visuals to toxic waste or even blood. Of course, this negatively impacts the quality of its sound quite a bit.

These are often available online, but their prices vary greatly. They used to be pretty expensive but have gone down in value after the official reissues.