Even if you know nothing about record players, you’ve surely heard of Crosley turntables! With the resurgence of vinyl, this uniquely designed record player became a staple for anyone going through a retro phase!

This begs the question: how much is a Crosley record player worth? Since this is a very popular record player, it must cost hundreds, right?

On the contrary, what sets Crosley record players apart is that they’re available at many different price points, making them accessible to novice and expert vinyl collectors alike.

If you want to know more about Crosley record players, keep reading this article to know all about their unique design, features, and most importantly, if the record players are worth it!

How Much Is a Crosley Record Player Worth?

Whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge on a high-end record player, Crosley has it all. Their record players vary greatly in terms of pricing, from economic to extravagant.

The prices vary based on the following factors:


The thing that sets Crosley record players apart in the vinyl world is their modern features. Unlike vintage record players, Crosley turntables have Bluetooth!

This means that instead of using the record player’s built-in speaker, you can amplify the sound of any of your vinyl records by connecting it to another speaker via Bluetooth.

While the built-in speaker might be enough on its own, many music enthusiasts will enjoy listening to their favorite records through different sound systems.

Additionally, you won’t have to confine yourself to one room. You can enjoy your records all around your house!

Sound Quality

Crosley CR8005F-WS Cruiser Plus Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth in/Out Suitcase Turntable, White Sand

The price difference between Crosley record players can be astounding. However, it all comes down to one thing, which is the sound quality.

Naturally, you wouldn’t expect a $30 record player to sound the same as one costing $300. The pricier Crosley options carry a state-of-the-art audio cartridge

Additionally, Crosley record players have varying hardware that can greatly impact the sound quality. For instance, some models feature a low-vibration motor that prevents shaking and unstable sound.

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Crosley record players come in many shapes and sizes. The days of bulky and unsightly record players are long gone; Crosley turntables are sure to fit all different tastes!

These designs ensure that the Crosley record players can fit anywhere. So, if you’re either looking for a portable record player or a vintage console, Crosley will surely have what you need.

In fact, Crosley’s unique designs are a huge selling point for their record player. What was once an old generation’s music studio is now a decoration for teenagers everywhere.

Still, Crosley’s designs vary from colorful and youthful to sleek and retro. That’s why almost everyone is a target consumer for Crosley’s products, from music lovers to decor enthusiasts.

Are Crosley Record Players Worth it?

Crosley C6B-WA Belt-Drive Bluetooth Turntable with Built-in Preamp and Adjustable Tone Arm, Walnut

There’s no doubt that Crosley record players are the most appealing record players in the market today, but are they actually worth it?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. Crosley players stand out as looking the best on your shelves. This means you can simply become an interior designer by adding a Crosley record player to any room!

Additionally, beginner vinyl collectors may benefit greatly from purchasing this budget-friendly option. While most record players, especially vintage ones, require spare parts and external speakers, Crosley’s players are all set with their built-in speakers and amplifiers.

Last but definitely not least, Crosley record players come with various RPMs, making them suitable for any type of vinyl record you own.

Yet, if you’ve been collecting vinyl records for a while or you’re searching for pristine sound quality, Crosley might not be the best option for you.

That’s because Crosley makes up for their reasonably-priced record players with subpar hardware. Naturally, this affects how the records sound.

What’s more, this cheap hardware has also been known to damage records. So, if you have a valuable vinyl record, it’s best to keep it far away from the Crosley record player.

Where Can You Get a Crosley Record Player?

Shopping for record players can be a daunting experience. However, what Crosley record players lack in quality is counterbalanced by their availability.

Simply put, you can find Crosley record players anywhere. They have their own online store with all the models available in all the different colors. Moreover, they’re available in all other online appliance stores.

Since the Crosley record player is widely popular with teenage girls, the company made sure it’s within reach. That’s why you can find the colorful record players in the oddest of places.

Just walk to the nearest Urban Outfitters or Bloomberg so you can browse Crosley’s seemingly never-ending collection of colorful, decorative record players.

On top of that, since trends are constantly changing, Crosley record players have a high turnover rate. So, if you’re looking for even more affordable options, you can look through online marketplaces for people who have outgrown the retro trend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Crosley Record Player Should I Buy?

Due to Crosley’s large selection, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. Thankfully, this record player brand is so insanely popular that each model has multiple extensive reviews to help you make a selection.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a portable option, the Crosley Cruiser is a favorite. While the Crosley Bound provides a high-quality sound, the Crosley CR42C mixes both great audio quality and a beautiful vintage design.

How Can I Improve My Crosley Record Player’s Sound Quality?

Improving the audio quality of your Crosley record player is fairly simple. Since the record player features Bluetooth, you can just connect it to an external speaker system and you’re good to go!

You can also ensure your Crosley player is in good shape by routinely cleaning it and changing its needle. Like all home appliances, your record player requires maintenance too!

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