When it comes to record players, Magnavox is one of the oldest, most coveted turntables. The Magnavox first came on the market in 1958, revolutionizing the world of home appliances.

Now, this vintage record player is more of a novelty. Though most people would rather listen to music on their phone or on more advanced CD players, the Magnavox record player can be worth hundreds to antique collectors.

A vintage record player is a great option for anyone wanting good quality on a budget. In this article, we’ve gathered all the information about all factors affecting the Magnavox record player’s worth.

How Much Is a Magnavox Record Player Worth?

The worth of vintage record players varies greatly based on a few factors. Although the Magnavox record player can be worth hundreds on eBay, you can also find it for almost free on a yard sale.

These prices differ based on the following:


Magnavox record players come in different types. Needless to say, the value of the record player entirely relies on its make.

The thing about Magnavox record players is that there are a lot of them out there! Ranging from portable record players to two-way units and consoles. What’s more, there are various models for each type of record player.

A good-quality console unit will definitely cost more than a portable record player.


The condition of your record player is important to consider. You might think a $20 record player is a steal, but it might need a lot of work just to get it to play.

So, while you might find the same Magnavox record player for varying prices, you must consider how well-used the record player is.

Spare Parts

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It can be really hard to find spare parts for vintage record players. Even if you do find spare parts, they might cost hundreds of dollars.

That’s why you should always make sure that every part, from the power cable and switch to the stylus and slipmat, is working properly.

Yet, many people purchase record players to add a vintage aesthetic to their homes. In fact, a lot of decor enthusiasts use turntables instead of consoles just for their old feel.

In this case, the record player doesn’t need to work at all; it only needs to look good!


How much a record player is worth can also differ between locations and at different times. After all, it’s all about supply and demand.

While you might find record players discarded in the trash, you might also find others that are worth thousands at antique auctions.

Currently, though, record players are having a resurgence. With the increase in vinyl records’ popularity, everyone wants to get their hands on vintage record players to match the aesthetic.

Yet, the value of the record player is also influenced by the location. For example, record players found in cities with lots of musicians and tourist spots will surely have higher price tags than those found in residential areas.

History of the Magnavox Record Player

Magnavox is a leading name in the turntable industry, especially since they invented the first electric tone arm and pick-up in 1917.

Moreover, Magnavox supplied radios, speakers, and even spare parts to the U.S. Navy. It wasn’t until 1947 that Magnavox went commercial with the creation of their first record player prototype called the ‘Mayfair.’

In 1958, Magnavox introduced its first high-fidelity unit. Since then, the company has continuously produced turntables, radios, TVs, and even two-way and three-way units.

Where to Find Magnavox Record Player

While you can easily go to any electronics store for a brand new record player, it can be incredibly difficult to find a vintage turntable.

Thankfully, record players are now seeing an unexpected growth in sales for the first time since the 80s, making it easier to find the coveted Magnavox record player.

The other good news is that people rarely throw away their old record players and vinyls. These babies are here to stay! So, if you look hard enough, you’ll certainly find the exact type and model of record player you want.

Still, where exactly should you search for a vintage Magnavox record player, and what should you expect?

The process is fairly simple. First, you’ll need to set a budget and check out different Magnavox models for the one you like most. Then, it’s foraging time!

There are plenty of places you can search. Starting from online marketspaces such as eBay, Etsy, and even Facebook marketplaces, all the way to antique stores and private auctions.

Additionally, you can go through online forums for record players. You’ll usually find a lot of sellers and buyers there.

Still, you should never blind-buy a record player. Always verify the seller and the authenticity of the turntable. You’ll also need to check that the player is working before completing the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Magnavox Record Player

Does Magnavox Still Produce Record Players?

Unfortunately, Magnavox no longer produces record players. You’ll still be able to find some vintage record players with their original finish, but you’ll need to check on how well-used these are.

Yet, Magnavox is still in business, though not producing turntables. It’s currently under a Japanese company called Funai, and they produce TVs, remotes, and other home electronics.

How Do I Use A Magnavox Record Player?

The first thing you need to check is that your record player can accommodate the correct rpm of your vinyl record. This way, your record will neither be slowed down nor sped up. Then, it’s time to put your record on!

Most record players have a cover that you’ll need to open. After that, you can just place the record on the turntable by fitting the peg in the center through the hole in the middle of your record.

You’ll also need to adjust the playing speed (rpm) accordingly, turn the speakers on, and wait for your record to spin at full speed. Then, you lift the tonearm and place the needle gently on the record. After you’re done, simply lift the tonearm and turn off your record player!

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