Record Doctor Vs Spin Clean

If you’re only using a brush to clean your vinyl records, you’re missing out on most of its potential. Wet cleaning is essential to remove lingering debris on the record’s surface.

By ensuring your vinyl records get the best possible treatment, you can guarantee they’ll stay in good shape for a lifetime. For this purpose, I would probably recommend vinyl record-cleaning machines.

In this article, I’ll review Record Doctor vs Spin Clean. I’ll also mention what makes each product stand out and which customers would benefit from them.

Record Doctor vs Spin Clean Overview

Record Doctor and Spin Clean both require spinning the record manually. As opposed to the more affordable Spin Clean, Record Doctor washes one side of the record at a time. However, Record Doctor is faster because it skips drying time. Additionally, Record Doctor’s vacuum feature is noticeably better at deep cleaning the record grooves.

Record Doctor

Record Doctor

  • Faster
  • Better Vacuum Feature
Spin Clean

Spin Clean

  • More Affordable
  • Manual Spinning

Record Doctor

Record Doctor is an American company specializing in record cleaning products. Although it sells other efficient accessories, like brushes, it’s mostly known for its vacuum record-cleaning machines.

The process is simple. All you need to do is to spread the cleaning solution on the record using a brush. Then, flip the wet side, so that it faces the vacuum opening. Next, you’ll need to switch on the vacuum motor and spin the record two to three times.

That’s it! Your record should be ready to store or play on the spot.


  • The vacuum motor effectively sucks out the accumulated dust from the grooves. This can revive some of the oldest vinyl records in your collection.
  • Additionally, the whole process is fast, taking around one minute on each side of the record. There’s no need to wait for the records to dry, as in the case of other cleaning machines.


  • Most users would complain about the noisiness of Record Doctor, but I would say it sounds like a normal vacuum cleaner. Still, it might disturb the most sensitive audiophiles out there, especially before playing their favorite music.
  • The other disadvantage of Record Doctor is that it tends to heat up quickly, after cleaning a few records in a row. At that point, you’ll have to stop the machine and wait till it cools down.
  • Otherwise, you risk warping the machine’s body and possibly damaging the motor. This means you can’t clean a batch of records all at once.

Spin Clean

Spin-Clean Record Washer Complete Kit

Since 1975, Spin Clean grew to become the largest seller of record-cleaning devices on a global scale. It’s an American company still making its products in the USA, unlike many other affordable products.

Spin Clean is a manual cleaning tool that uses an alcohol-free cleaning fluid added to some water. You can easily clean both sides of the record at the same time, without using a turntable.


  • If there’s one reason to make me choose Spin Clean, it would be its looks. This might sound superficial, but the elegant curves of the machine’s body along with the cheerful yellow color, make it worth displaying on a shelf.
  • This means you won’t have to worry about storing Spin Clean. Even if you need to store it, its small size will be an advantage.
  • Additionally, it’s not a complicated device, from setup to cleaning. You can easily maintain it for a long period, without the need for technical support.


  • Spin Clean is yellow for a reason. The manufacturers aimed to make easy it for you to see the accumulated debris.
  • However, the sad part is that cleaning the base isn’t that straightforward of a process. Another disadvantage of Spin Clean is that you have to carefully dry the records afterward.
  • While some users recommend using a blow dryer, it’s better to use a soft micro-fiber towel to stay on the safe side

Record Doctor vs Spin Clean Comparision

Now that we talked about each product, let’s compare Record Doctor and Spin Clean, side by side.

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Both products are easy to set up and use. The spinning process is totally manual, so you’ll have to use your hands to rotate the records.

In addition, the two products need a specialized cleaning solution so you can’t use water on its own. Although Record Doctor has more bulk to it, both machines are can be easily moved around, compared to their alternatives.


Let’s start with the mechanism. Spin Clean uses water and a cleaning solution while Record Doctor solely relies on the cleaning solution and a handheld brush. As opposed to Spin Clean, you’ll need to wash each side on its own when using Record Doctor.

The primary distinction between both cleaning machines is the vacuum used by Record Doctor. This additional feature significantly adds to its price, which is another notable difference between the two products.

These two cleaning machines also significantly differ in style and color. Record doctor has a classic, dark carbon fiber finish that makes it go well anywhere, even in an office environment. On the other hand, Spin Clean has a youthful retro vibe to it that is reminiscent of pop culture.


Here’s what makes each cleaning machine better, and which one should suit your needs.

Record Doctor

If you don’t mind the price tag, you’ll enjoy deeper cleaning of your records, with less effort.. Truly, its greatest advantage over Spin Clean is that it sucks the grim out of the grooves, which significantly improves the sound quality.

What I like about Record Doctor is that it requires no water and no drying after cleaning. It’s a fast solution if you just want to clean a vinyl record before playing. I would definitely recommend Record Doctor to anyone who has a busy schedule.

Additionally, Spin Clean’s yellow color might be too bold for some people, so I’d recommend Record Doctor if you want something chic and simple.

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Spin Clean

Everything about Spin Clean is minimalist; its size, form, and accessories. Its price is also minimal, compared to the market standard.

If you’re an environmentalist, you’d definitely feel good about Spin Clean because it has the lowest impact, relative to other cleaning machines.

Moreover, Spin Clean would be your best friend if you need a mobile machine that can be easily transferred between houses or workplaces. Finally, let’s not forget that Spin Clean is also the best option for audiophiles on a budget while making insignificant compromises on quality.