Victrola makes a lot of vintage-themed models. Personally, I like their retro-inspired designs. However, since Victrola is a low-cost brand, you can expect a few issues like the record player not turning on.

If you’re having the same issues yourself, you must’ve wondered, “why won’t my Victrola record player turn on?”

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I rounded up possible causes why your Victrola isn’t powering on, including their possible fixes. Let’s dive in!

So Why Won’t My Victrola Record Player Turn On?

Usually, the possible reasons why your turntable isn’t turning on is a problem with the power cord, the outlet, the power fuse, and the motor.

Why Does Your Victrola Not Powering On?

Let’s take a closer look at these six causes and how you can fix them:

1. Not Plugged In

Sometimes, the most obvious culprit is an unplugged power cord. The power cord uses an adapter, also known as a wall wart or power supply brick. It converts AC power to DC power.

The adapter is often huge and heavy so it can shake loose, fall out or get unplugged while still appearing to be plugged in. Make sure to check if you plug the adapter into the power source securely.

In addition, ensure that the other end of the power cord is plugged into the socket of the turntable.

2. Incorrect Voltage

Another possible reason why your Victrola isn’t turning on is an incorrect voltage. A turntable requires a power cord that can supply the right voltage to the power system of your Victrola. With an incorrect voltage, it won’t turn on. Worse, it can burn out your power circuit.

Check the manual to determine if the power matches the voltage on the power supply. You can also find the voltage engraved on the turntable itself.

Typically, the power supply should be five volts and at least one Ampere. Keep in mind that a power supply with less or more voltage will cause the Victrola to stop working and might even damage the power fuse.

For instance, 12 volts of power supplies might break the circuit breaker due to over-voltage.

Vircola record player on a bed

3. Faulty Power Outlet

A faulty wall outlet can keep your Victrola from powering on. It isn’t rare for some of us to have dead outlets that we haven’t gotten around to fixing. We all have busy schedules or it simply doesn’t bother us because there are other outlets that are working.

To check your power outlet, try plugging in another electric appliance like a night lamp. If it doesn’t work, then it’s an issue with the wall outlet. Since some power outlet goes to the power box that has a circuit breaker attached to it, you can move on to fixing the circuit breaker.

If you’ve overloaded the wall outlet, it can trip the circuit breaker. As a result, the power outlet will no longer work unless you flip the circuit breaker back on.

Moreover, if you have fuses in your breaker box, you might have blown the fuse and you need to replace it.

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4. Fuse Breakage on Record Player

Typically, Victrolas come with fuses to keep the power circuit from frying when owners use power supplies with the wrong voltages. If you blow the fuse, it can cause a short circuit and the power will no longer flow from the power adapter to the power circuit.

To inspect if there’s a breakage, find out where the fuse is located in your unit. You can either check it in your manual or look it up online.

Make sure to unplug the unit before you start working on the screws. Then, unscrew the plastic cover and pull it out. Take a close look at the fuse. If you see that the small filament inside is broken, then it might be causing the issue.

5. Incorrect Record Player Fuse

An incorrect fuse can disrupt the flow of power and cause the unit to not power on. This isn’t mostly the case when it comes to brand-new Victrolas.

However, if you bought a refurbished or second-hand record player, there’s a possibility that the previous owner replaced the fuse with the wrong one.

Since it doesn’t usually come with a manual, you can check if the power fuse matches the recommended voltage by looking up the unit on the internet. The voltage is typically engraved on either end of the fuse. If you have the wrong fuse unit, you need to replace it right away.

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6. Burned Out Motor

The last culprit that might be causing the issue is the motor. Since Victrolas come at very affordable prices, they’re not durable.

Although something else usually breaks before the motor, it can be the case if you’re mostly playing 78-rpm shellac records. These records are heavy and hard, particularly for entry-level record players like Victrolas.

Unplug the unit and take off the case where the motor is located. Take a look at the motor and see if there’s black residue on its sides. It’s usually a sign that you’ve toasted the motor.

Aside from the visual indication, the motor can smell like burned plastic.

You can reach out to a repair professional to fix it. But, it might just cost more than just buying a new one. After all, Victrolas usually come at low prices.

Even with more durable models like 50’s Retro-Style Turntable and Navigator 8-in-1 Stereo System, you’ll find that they’re more affordable compared to other brands out there.

Vircola record player on a bench

How Do You Keep Your Victrola in Good Condition?

Prevention can save you a lot of trouble. Plus, keeping your Victrola in good condition means you can enjoy your favorite albums for many years to come.

Here’s how you can prevent other issues from happening in the future:

1. Cleaning Regularly

The simplest way you can keep your Victrola in good condition is by cleaning it on a daily basis. Generally, record players can attract dust and dirt because the rotation of the record can lead to static electricity and vibrations.

If your Victrola keeps collecting gunk, it might malfunction and eventually stop working. 

Your Victrola can accumulate dust on parts like the turntable, stylus or record player needle, cartridge, and tonearm. These are the sensitive parts of the player, so make sure you clean them after every use or twice a week.

You can use a stylus brush in cleaning the stylus, tonearm, and cartridge. Alternatively, you can use a soft paintbrush. For thorough cleaning, you can apply rubbing alcohol to the bristles.

For the turntable, a microfiber cloth or an anti-static dusting cloth will suffice. You may also use rubbing alcohol for deep cleaning.

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2. Use the Dust Cover

Another way you can keep your record player clean is by using a plastic lid called a dust cover. Some models come with a dust cover that you can fold over its components.

Keep the dust cover down when you’re not using the record player. This way, it can keep the dust away. But, if your Victrola doesn’t have a dust cover, you can drape an anti-static cloth over it to block debris.

Old Vircola record player

3. Component Replacement

Aside from cleaning the turntable daily, another way you can keep your Victrola in good shape is by replacing its components if needed. For instance, if the stylus indicates any signs of wear like hissing sounds, static, and skipping, it’s time to replace it.

Although you can handle the replacement yourself, you should check the owner’s manual first because the process differs between models. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can always look it up on the internet, ask a local store owner, or contact the manufacturer.

Moreover, another component that you need to replace is the belt. A significant sign that it needs replacement is when the record player stops spinning.

Begin by turning off the unit and lifting the platter. Then, remove the plastic cover and wipe the surface using a microfiber cloth. Again, make sure that you read the instructions manual. It provides a step-by-step guide on how you can replace the belt.

If you think that it’s too much work, you can hire a professional to get the job done.

4. Clean Your Vinyl Records

A vinyl record is just as important as your Victrola. Plus, it can also accumulate dust easily. If you play it on your Victrola, it can make an unpleasant popping or hissing sound and damage the stylus.

Hence, you should wipe your records before and after playing them. To clean them properly, you should use a vinyl brush, which you can find in most record stores. You can also use rubbing alcohol to deep clean them.

Better yet, you can invest in a vinyl vacuum if your budget allows it.

5. Handle with Care

As I mentioned before, Victrolas are low-cost record players, which means they’re not really heavy-duty. So, you must be careful when handling them. Make sure that you keep them level or on a flat surface. Otherwise, they won’t play properly. Worse, you’ll risk damaging them.

Avoid exposing them to humidity and extreme temperatures. Moist or humid places can cause the record player to collect gunk more easily.