As a vinyl collector, investing in a record washer is one of the best decisions you can ever make. Record cleaning can be a pretty time-consuming process, especially if you have hundreds of albums. This is why record washers are an absolute must!

The Spin-Clean and the Big Fudge Record Friend are two of the best manual record washers available. In many aspects, the two popular kits are similar, which makes it difficult to choose between them.

To help you out, we’ve provided you with a helpful comparison between the two sets. Let’s get started!

Record Friend vs Spin-Clean Overview

The Spin-Clean record washer is all about smoothness, easily washing up to 50 records in one cycle. The Record Friend washer is all about value for money. This is because it comes with a lot of things for a low price. Both kits can be recommended for vinyl collectors, but the Record Friend is best for people on a budget.

Record Friend

Record Friend

  • Best On a Budget
  • Microfiber Cleaning Brushes


  • Better for Collectors
  • Carbon Fiber Record Brush

What Is the Spin Clean Record Washer?

Spin Clean Record Washer

Spin Clean limited edition deluxe kit
  • Up to 50 Records in One Cycle
  • Basin and a Cover
  • Two Rollers
  • Washing Solution
  • Drying Towels

Everybody knows this famous yellow washer! The Spin-Clean record cleaner has been around for quite some time and is appreciated by vinyl collectors worldwide.

It’s popularly known for being a simple-to-use, durable, and long-lasting device that gets the job done in no time. The Spin-Clean is available in three kits:

  1. The Complete Kit
  2. The Deluxe Kit
  3. The Limited-Edition Kit

Each set comes with a bright yellow basin and a cover. It also includes two rollers, a 4-ounce jug of washing solution, two cleaning brushes, and two drying towels.

In addition to these items, the deluxe set also includes a 32-ounce container of cleaning fluid and seven drying towels. The limited-edition kit comes with an anti-static, carbon fiber record brush.

What Is the Record Friend Record Washer?

Record Friend Record Washer

Record Friend Vinyl Record Cleaner
  • Vinyl Sink with a Lid
  • Adjustable Rollers
  • Two 150ml Bottles of Cleaning Fluid
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
  • Drying Rack up to 10 Records

Established in 2017, Big Fudge is one of the best premium vinyl supply sellers. From sleeves to storage to the famous Record Friend cleaning system, these guys are known for high-quality products.

With the Record Friend washer kit, you’ll be getting a vinyl sink with a lid, two 150ml bottles of cleaning fluid, a pair of adjustable rollers, and two microfiber cleaning brushes.

You’ll also be getting one all-purpose cleaning cloth, two microfiber cleaning cloths, and our favorite feature, a drying rack that fits up to 10 records.

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How Are the Spin-Clean and the Record Friend Kits Different?

Although the Spin-Clean and the Record Friend fundamentally serve the same purpose, they differ in a few ways.


The first noticeable distinction between the two is the colors of both sets. The Spin-Clean is a bright yellow while the Record Friend is a solid black.

Items Included

Another difference is the number of items included in each set. For example, the Record Friend comes with two large bottles of cleaning solution, two microfiber towels, and a drying rack that holds up to 10 records.

The standard Spin-Clean kit, on the other hand, includes one bottle of cleaning solution, one towel, and no drying rack. Additionally, the Spin-Clean towels are cotton, while the Record Friend cleaning and drying towels are microfiber.

Brush Material

The last difference we noticed between the two products is the brush material. The spin-Clean brushes are velvet pads while the Record Friend brushes are microfiber.

How Are the Spin-Clean and the Record Friend Kits Similar?

The Spin-Clean and the Record Friend kits are quite similar since they both aim to accomplish the same goal. However, that’s not the only thing they have in common.


For starters, both the Spin-Clean and the Record Friend are heavy products, weighing roughly three pounds each. They’re also both made of high-quality, long-lasting plastic.


Another similarity between these two is the setup, which goes as follows: placing the rollers in the desired position within the basin, inserting the brushes within the vertical slots, and filling the basin with distilled water and the cleaning solution.

What’s Better About the Spin-Clean Record Washer?

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Limited-Edition Kit, "Clear" (45th Anniversary)

After testing the product and looking at plenty of reviews, we’ve found a couple of advantages to the Spin-Clean washer.


First and foremost, the Spin-Clean is bright yellow. No, that doesn’t immediately make it more appealing. The thing is, it’s designed that way so you can see how much gunk it has removed from your records. This is a pretty smart move because you get to see if the product actually does its job right!


Next, we noticed that the Spin-Clean rotates the records more smoothly. With the Record Friend, you had to sort of apply pressure with your hands to be able to rotate the vinyl. This is most likely due to the rollers gripping the record too tightly.

Cleaning Solution

Lastly, the Spin-Clean cleaning solution definitely wins. Both products claim you can store the used cleaning solution for up to a week before reusing it.

However, we noticed that the Record Friend cleaning solution tends to leave a residue in the basin, which is a bummer.

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What’s Better About the Record Friend Washer?

Big Fudge Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit for Vinyl Records - Includes Cleaning Machine & Vinyl Record Cleaning Care Solution - Microfiber Cloth & Rack for Record Player Accessories

When we compared the Spin-Clean and Record Friend kits, we found that the Record Friend did one thing significantly better.

It Has More for Less

First of all, let’s discuss value for money.

The Record Friend Washer set costs far less than the Spin-Clean and also includes two huge bottles of cleaning solution, two microfiber towels, and a drying rack. Meanwhile, the Spin-Clean kit comes with one small bottle of cleaning fluid.

With the Record friend, each of the two large cleaning solution bottles can wash up to 500 records, all while still having another bottle left! As for the microfiber towels, every vinyl collector knows how important it is to have one of these.

And now, the most important part of all, the drying rack. We can’t stress how important this feature is. People go as far as to make their own DIY drying racks for their records.

That’s how important it is to have a safe place where your vinyl can be left to dry. We gotta say, we’re quite surprised that a company as big as Spin-Clean hasn’t included a drying rack in its set until now.

Who Should Get the Spin-Clean Record Washer?

This product is one of the best for a reason. It’s durable, high quality, and can smoothly wash 50 records in one cycle. Although it’s quite pricey, it has proved to be worth it.

We recommend the Spin-Clean for people with a large vinyl collection who need a fast, dependable, and long-lasting record washer and don’t mind spending the extra buck.

Who Should Get the Record Friend Washer?

Anybody who owns from one record to hundreds of them! Sure, it may not be as smooth as the Spin-Clean washer but it’s definitely worth it. On top of all that, you get a lot of things for a low price.

This kit would not only be great for people on a budget, but also for anyone looking for a high-quality washer without spending a fortune.