People have shown a strong interest in vinyl records and record players in recent years. No, it’s not old people who brought them back. Actually, gen Zs are the ones who brought the era of phonographs back in style.

Consequently, people are showing interest in vintage vinyl records and record players. Some even collect them as a hobby.

So, you might make a fortune if you have a vintage record player, like a Silvertone. But how much is a Silvertone record player worth?

In this article, we’ll talk specifically about the value of Silvertone record players. Let’s begin!

How Much Is My Silvertone Record Player Worth?

Silvertone record players might not be on top of the vintage phonograph collectors’ priority list. In the end, they’re not Garrards or Linns.

Your vintage Silvertone could be worth as little as $30 or as much as hundreds of dollars. This depends on several factors, such as:

  • Its condition
  • Its design
  • Its rarity
  • Its model

If your Silvertone checks good on all the boxes, expect to sell it at a high price, especially if it’s a rare model. Otherwise, you might not make much from it.

What Factors Affect the Worth of My Silvertone Record Player?

Your Silvertone record player may help you make a lot or a little money, depending on these previously mentioned factors:


The condition of your record player is critical in determining its worth. If your old turntable isn’t working, it’ll be worth less than another one functioning well. You can’t expect someone to pay much for something that doesn’t do its job the right way.

Generally, there are three essential things to check regarding the condition of your Silvertone record player.

First, make sure that your record player has a flat base. This allows the turntable to spin without a hitch.

Second, check your turntable and make sure it spins freely and smoothly. Lastly, the tonearm should be moving without friction.

If these three conditions are good, then you’ll be able to sell your Silvertone at a reasonable price.

Keep in mind that the woodwork matters to some people. So, make sure that the cabinet and the frame of the record player look good and varnished. Players that are painted over will typically be worth less than the ones left in their original state.


Some people don’t care whether your Silvertone is working. Instead, they care more about its design.

Some vintage record players look absolutely different from what modern ones look like. This is because manufacturers in the past cared deeply about the design of their players.

Many phonograph collectors care mainly about the unique design of vintage collectors because they use these record players as decorative pieces.

This could be to your advantage if your Silvertone doesn’t function well but has a unique design.


Rarity is always a huge factor in determining the worth of many things. In general, when something is rare, it’s worth a lot. This applies to vintage record players too.

If your Silvertone model or design is rare to find, there’s a higher chance that it’ll be valuable.

There might be a sentimental attachment from a buyer to the Silvertone model you own. Or someone could be willing to pay a good price and use its parts for replacement.

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We all try to look for the best brand when buying a car, electronic device, or even clothes. The same goes for purchasing vintage record players.

A vintage record player will be worth more if it’s manufactured by a popular or a pioneer brand in the industry. Unfortunately, Silvertone isn’t too popular, so the player may not be worth as much as other high-end brands.

Are Vintage Record Players Valuable?

Record players are strongly getting back in style. Therefore, there’s a growing demand for vinyl records, especially vintage ones.

People finally appreciate the sound quality and the feel of playing their favorite music on record players.

You can see that many collectors and music fans are willing to pay crazy amounts of money for vinyl records of their favorite fans. Unfortunately, some of these records are extremely rare, so getting your hands on them is neither easy nor cheap.

The same thing goes for record players. While many brands manufacture modern phonographs, old ones have their own fandom.

Old record players have better audio quality. As a result, the music sounds way closer to the real deal, and that’s what the fans are looking for.

Besides that, these players were manufactured differently back then. Manufacturers used high-end and complex internal components, which improved the quality. Nowadays, it’s more about manufacturing many products without being mindful of the intricate details.

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That’s why vintage record players withstand the test of time. You can find plenty of old turntables that have excellent sound quality, incomparable to that of a modern record player.

On top of all that, vintage record players are also sentimentally valuable for some people.

Tips for Getting the Best Value for Your Silvertone Record Player

When advertising for your record player on selling platforms, it’s always good to mention the brand, model, and manufacturing year.

This attracts the attention of your buyers. This information is written on your record player, usually on the back.

If you still have its manual, you can list some of its features as well. All of this makes your phonograph look more attractive to potential buyers.

Before even attempting to sell your Silvertone, examine it and give it a try. See if it works and what you can fix to make it work properly.

Maybe there’s a simple problem that you can easily fix instead of having to lower its price. It also prepares you to answer any questions potential buyers might ask you.

In addition, pay attention to the quality of your phonograph’s wood. If the wood is scratched or chipped, it might cause a potential buyer to lose interest in it.

So, take that extra time and refurbish your record player console or frame.