With an impressive table-like design, spacious storage space, and dual radio/record player functionality, the C1158 console is quite the vintage catch!

It would be a great addition for anyone looking to expand their antique collection, but of course, treasures like that are never cheap. So, how much is a Columbia record player model C1158 worth?

Well, it’s really hard to price this particular model, and it’s even harder to come by. However, there could be a few factors to keep in mind when you’re estimating a fair asking price.

Don’t fret; we’ll go into more details on the Columbia C1158 console’s pricing, feature highlights, and even a brief overview of the manufacturer’s history, so let’s jump right in!

How Can You Price a Columbia C1158?

There isn’t a fixed price for any of the models in the CBS-Columbia catalog. For instance, with rare models, like the Columbia 1006 record player, the price tag could easily go up to four figures!

However, for the C1158 console, it would be safer to expect something in the three-figure range, depending on its current state.

As always, the best way to get an accurate value for vintage items is with a professional appraisal. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with a whole lot of guesswork along the way.

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What Factors Affect the C1158 Console’s Price?

Much like other vintage record players, there are a few factors that can affect the appraisal’s value.

Here are the three main points that you need to consider with the Columbia model C1158:

Spinning Record Player With Vintage Vinyl, Turntable Player And Vinyl Record.

Functioning State

One of the first things that you’ll have to ask when you’re evaluating the vintage radio/record player is if it’s actually working or not.

Of course, it’ll never run as smoothly as it once was, but if the AM/FM radio still broadcasts and you can still turn and playback vinyl records, then the C1158 console should fetch a higher price.

Meanwhile, a C1158 with a broken record player will require a bit of compromise on the asking price. In some cases, the player could only need minor repairs, like a belt change, to get the plate rotating once again, so don’t let that devastate you.

You might even be able to get your hands on the original manual to help with troubleshooting and repairs. However, you’ll need to purchase it separately since getting a digital copy of the files is hard.

Just don’t let all that technical talk make you forget that these things are beauties that could sell purely for their aesthetic value, but we’ll get to that in a minute!

Authenticity Checks

If the labeling is intact and you can clearly see the brand name and model number on the C1158, odds are, it’ll sell for a higher price than a similar console with a label that fell off.

Naturally, that’s because it helps trace the authenticity back to the original manufacturer for validation purposes. However, it’s also because it adds to the vintage feel of the console as a whole.

Cosmetic Condition

Aside from the technical aspects, the case on the C1158  itself is also subject to wear and tear.

After all, the model is mainly made of wood, so it’s prone to water damage, molding, staining, and chipping. The sliding doors could even jam, making it harder to access the radio or the vinyl record player.

Plus, the front of the console has two mesh-like panels that could possibly break down with time and rough handling, which would be a shame because it’ll reduce the value of the C1158.

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What’s the Appeal Behind the Columbia C1158?

If you turn to modern turntables, you might be able to get something with similar (or even better) audio quality for much less money. Yet, owning a vintage console is an entirely different experience.

Let’s see what’s there to love about the old-timey C1158 console:

Dual Radio/Record Player Functionality

Hands down, the main thing that makes the C1158 model unique is its dual functionality.

The way it’s built means you get a superheterodyne broadcast radio receiver on one side and a vinyl record player on the other.

With both sliding doors closed, you get a table-like surface. So, you might even say that the C1158 console works in three ways!

Console Design

Aesthetically speaking, the C1158 is quite the head-turner.

Nowadays, we’re used to seeing compact turntables that could go over a shelf easily. Of course, that’s convenient in its own way, but the design that CBS-Columbia chose for the C1158 is a whole different story.

For one, it’s a hefty desk-like wooden case with sliding tops. Even if the radio and record player aren’t working, it would be tough to deny that one of those bad boys won’t transform the room’s vibe 180 degrees!

So, I don’t think it would be far-fetched for someone to buy a C1158 just for the looks.

Vintage Vinyl Record Player

Storage Space

Under one of the sliding tops, you get a sizable nook that could work as a storage space to organize your vinyl records vertically.

However, it would still be crucial to point out that you need to be a bit careful about how and where you store records, especially if they’re part of a valuable collection.

There are humidity levels and temperature fluctuations to consider, and you can’t be 100% sure that the vintage console will cater to these requirements. So, it might be a good idea to tread lightly and use the storage space for cheaper records, at least initially.

CBS-Electronics: The Company Behind the C1158 Console

Although the three C1158 models (C1158C, C1158M, and C1158W) were made around 1959-1960, the company was there long before that.

CBS-Columbia was founded back in 1938 as the Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. On the company’s catalog, you’ll find a wide range of products, including radios, vinyl record players, audio amplifiers, and even television sets.

Some of them are still around to this day, and while the C1158 isn’t as common as others, it’s still an item to treasure!