Spin-Clean Vs. Okki Nokki: Picking Out The Best Vinyl Record Cleaner

It’s a well-known fact that a cleaner vinyl record produces a better sound. Whether you’re a collector, a vinyl enthusiast, or simply a vinyl music lover, you’ll surely benefit from a good and reliable record cleaner.

With so many of them on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose a cleaner that fits your needs and preferences. That’s why we’re here!

In this guide, we’ll compare Spin-Clean vs. Okki Nokki. It’s a battle between two cleaners that you surely don’t wanna miss!

Spin-Clean vs. Okki Nokki: Overview

With its powerful vacuum system and automated rotations, the Okki Nokki boasts an edge in cleaning capability and capacity.

Meanwhile, “Fill it, spin it, and dry it!” is Spin-Clean’s tried and tested motto. Its compact washer unit and alcohol-free fluid work together to provide a quicker, simpler, and easier cleaning method.



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Okki Nokki

Okki Nokki

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What Is Spin-Clean?

The Spin-Clean Record Washer is a vinyl record-cleaning product proudly made in the USA. It was originally manufactured by Fidelitone Inc. in 1974.

This impressive unit has no power requirements and involves no installation. For these reasons, Spin-Clean is one of the most popular record cleaners on the market.

What Is Okki Nokki?

According to its official website, the Okki Nokki is the record cleaning machine reinvented. The company headquarters is situated in the Netherlands while its manufacturing base is in China.

The Okki Nokki is sold by distributors located worldwide. It’s favored for its efficient vacuum system and unparalleled cleaning ability.

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Spin-Clean vs. Okki Nokki: Similarities and Differences

Let’s uncover what the two products have in common as well as what sets them apart:

1. Cleaning Fluid

The Spin-Clean and the Okki Nokki similarly use a record cleaning fluid to get the job done. The Spin-Clean package includes a bottle of their special alcohol-free washer fluid.

For the first product, the right amount to use depends on the fluid version and bottle size. The fluid goes into a basin filled with distilled water.

Similarly, Okki Nokki comes with a small bottle of concentrated cleaning fluid. You’re going to mix this with a liter of purified water.

2. Cleaning Process

Do you hear a lot of cracks or pops when playing music? If yes, then maybe it’s time to clean the record on your turntable.

You might be interested in how the Spin-Clean and Okki Nokki work their magic. The two products employ different cleaning methods.

Spin-Clean Method

With the Spin-Clean, you insert an individual record into a vertical basin. This basin contains the cleaning fluid and water mentioned earlier.

The unit will have rollers on both sides and two cleaning brushes in the middle. You then use your hands to gently rotate the record in clockwise and counterclockwise motions. 

It’s worth mentioning that you can use the same cleaning solution for 20–50 records.

Okki Nokki Method

On the other hand, the Okki Nokki is a machine that rotates the records for you. You just have to place the record onto the unit, turn it on, and flip the corresponding switches.

However, instead of having the cleaning fluid and water in a basin, you’ll have to pour or spray it onto the vinyl yourself. Another difference is that you have to pick up and apply the cleaning brush yourself, too.

3. Vacuum

One major consideration is the presence of a vacuum. The Spin-Clean doesn’t come with a vacuum but the Okki Nokki does.

At the end of a cleaning session, you can turn on the Okki Nokki’s vacuum.  It’ll suck the dirt and liquid from your vinyl using a plastic vacuum arm.

4. Ease of Use

Products are invented to make our lives easier. Vinyl record cleaners are no exception to this!

The Spin-Clean is advertised as a “Fill it, spin it, and dry it!” product. Once you assemble the unit, all you have to do is fill it with the solution, spin the record by hand, and dry it with the cloth.

The Okki Nokki is a machine, so you have to plug it in. There’s an on-and-off switch, and a few other switches to control the rotation and the vacuum.

Moreover, you need to secure the record with Okki Nokki’s clamp every time you clean a side. Then, you need to take the clamp off and apply it again when you’re flipping sides or cleaning another record.

Some customers find the Spin-Clean simpler to use. Others argue that the Okki Nokki is easier because it causes less strain on the hands.

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5. Cleaning Time

We don’t have all day to clean our vinyl records. That’s why speed and efficiency are significant considerations when choosing a vinyl record cleaner as well.

With the Spin-Clean, you can clean two sides of the record at the same time. With the Okki Nokki, you have to flip the record at the end of the cleaning process to clean the other side.

Because of this, the Spin-Clean might be the faster option for some.

Spin-Clean vs. Okki Nokki: Best for Whom?

The Spin-Clean is a simple and affordable way of cleaning records. It’s suitable for people who want a hassle-free upgrade from cleaning records by hand.

Hence, we recommend the Spin-Clean for those who want a quick, easy, and budget-friendly cleaner. On the other hand, the Okki Nokki is best for buyers who don’t like the idea of reusing their cleaning solution.

The product is also recommended for those who think that vacuuming records are a must. If you want your records as clean as possible at any cost, the Okki Nokki might be the way to go.

The Verdict: Which Cleaner Is Better?

The Spin-Clean has been around for quite some time. The method employed by this product is reliable, proven, and tested.

However, customers are concerned about using the same fluid mixture over and over again for several vinyl records. Buyers remarked that the water was getting dirtier after each record that they cleaned.

Changing the water mixture after each vinyl isn’t quite cost-efficient, either. The Okki Nokki’s cleaning method doesn’t involve this kind of cross-contamination.

Aside from that, the Okki Nokki vacuum feature is a big advantage. Customers appreciate seeing the liquid and debris getting sucked from their records.

Many people agree that using the Okki Nokki leads to cleaner and better-sounding records. When it comes to ease of use and time spent though, the Spin-Clean emerges victorious.