Vinyl Record Cleaner: Squeaky Clean Vs. Spin Clean

Buying a cleaning machine is a fantastic investment if you want to maintain the quality of your records. A beginner may choose simpler and more affordable models first, such as Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean.

If you’re also interested in these record cleaners, read on and weigh in on Squeaky Clean vs. Spin Clean debate.

Squeaky Clean vs. Spin Clean Overview

Squeaky Clean boasts a suction-based cleaning process that sucks out particles from the surface of the record.

On the other hand, Spin Clean uses a base filled with a cleaning solution that touches the record when it spins. Both pieces of equipment operate manually, but Spin Clean offers an easier setup.

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean

  • Suction-based cleaning process
  • Accessible and inexpensive
Spin Clean

Spin Clean

  • Uses basin filled with cleaning solution
  • Easier setup.

What Is Squeaky Clean?

Squeaky Clean

Squeaky Clean Vinyl
  • 3D-printed cleaning machine
  • Uses a suction method
  • You’ll need a vacuum cleaner

The Squeaky Clean Record Cleaning Machine (RCM) is one of the most accessible and inexpensive record cleaners in the market.

This record cleaner is a 3D-printed cleaning machine that uses a suction method. That said, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner attached to the kit.

Squeaky Clean also comes in different models, with MK-III being the most popular one today.

What Is Spin Clean?

Spin Clean

Spin Clean
  • Old yet effective
  • Uses basin and brushes

Spin Clean has been in the market since 1975, making it an old yet effective invention. The idea of Spin Clean is relatively simple: you spin the record on the holder containing a brush until the record is clean.

The way Spin Clean works is that you pour a cleaning solution into the trough before placing your record in between the brushes. It’s a great thing that the kit comes complete with a cleaning solution that you can use for up to 700 records.

How Are Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean Similar?

Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean are arguably two of the top choices for manual record cleaners. Check out some of the similarities between them:

Compatible With All Vinyl Types

Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean are compatible with different sizes of vinyl records. So, you won’t have to worry about getting other equipment when cleaning a 12-inch, 10-inch, or 7-inch record.

For Squeaky Clean, its kit comes with different brush heads that can accommodate all vinyl sizes. So, simply switch the brush when you’re cleaning a larger or smaller record.

On the other hand, Spin Clean has adjustable rollers on each side. You can move it sideways to prop the record based on the size.

Employs Manual Rotation

Both record-cleaning machines don’t include any mechanical parts that may need electrical power to spin the record.

Squeaky Clean comes with a turntable and several accessories for cleaning. When rotating the disc, you’ll have to rely on your manpower. Turn the puck on top of the record several times to the right and the other way around.

Spin Clean has a portable container that provides rollers to rotate the record easier. You’re supposed to rotate the record in the device three times clockwise and three times anti-clockwise when using Spin Clean.

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How Are Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean Different?

Despite their many similarities, Squeaky Clean and Spin Clean also have their stark differences.

Cleaning Method

Squeaky Clean

The cleaning method used in Squeaky Clean relies on the power of suction to siphon the cleaning solution from the record.

The suction process comes from the connected vacuum in the brush. While you’re spinning the record, the brush cleans and pulls the debris from the surface.

Spin Clean

After spinning the record in the base, you remove it to dry. You should use a microfiber cloth when wiping the record.

First, place the wet record on a clean towel and pat the right side up carefully. Then, turn it around and do the same thing on the other side.


Squeaky Clean

Squeaky clean requires you to have a suction machine for it to work.

In most households, a vacuum is a necessity. That’s why the additional machine for Squeaky clean isn’t a problem for some people.

However, some also choose to use a handheld vacuum for more portability.

Spin Clean

Spin Clean is a piece of straightforward equipment. It only comes as a base with a trough for the liquid solution.

Compared to Squeaky Clean, this manual cleaner is a stand-alone unit that doesn’t need any supplemental tool to be effective.

Old, dirty vinyl records in a case

Orientation of Record When Cleaning

Squeaky Clean

Since Squeaky Clean comes with a turntable, the orientation of the record is horizontal. It’s the same position you place your record in when playing.

When the record is in this placement, you won’t see both sides at once. That means that you’ll have to flip it to clean the other side.

Spin Clean

Spin Clean has a vertical orientation that lets you clean both sides of the record at the same time. Not only does this save time, but it also eliminates the chances of other surfaces touching the clean side of the record.

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What’s Better About Squeaky Clean?

Squeaky Clean leads the board in terms of drying time. Since the vacuum sucks the solution out along with the dirt, you’ll spend less time drying your vinyl records.

This record cleaner is also better in removing the smallest particles because it uses the suction method.

What’s Better About Spin Clean?

Spin Clean’s vertical orientation is its best feature since it cleans both sides of the record at the same time. Plus, you won’t need an extra tool for the device to operate.

Spin Clean’s compact design also lets you store it easily.

Who Should Get Squeaky Clean (And Why)?

Squeaky Clean works best for those who want a compact record cleaner. It also helps if you have a Shop-Vac style vacuum at home, or you’re willing to shell out money for it.

Squeaky Clean also comes with upgraded models that have improved systems. So, if you prioritize a more innovative take on cleaning, choose Squeaky Clean.

Who Should Get Spin Clean (And Why)?

If you want a trusted brand that delivers, then Spin Clean may be for you. This device also works better for those who like easy cleaning and a basic setup of the device.

Ultimately, Spin Clean is for those who appreciate a straightforward design.