Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive?

Why Is Blonde Vinyl So Expensive

Remember the good old 80s when cassette tapes started to replace vinyl records? Cassette tapes offered a better price and more compact size. More than twenty years later, vinyl records started to gain back popularity. Not among nostalgic baby boomers or Gen X as you might think. Surprisingly, millennials were the ones behind the rebirth … Read more

How Much Is a Crosley Record Player Worth?

How Much Is a Crosley Record Player Worth

Even if you know nothing about record players, you’ve surely heard of Crosley turntables! With the resurgence of vinyl, this uniquely designed record player became a staple for anyone going through a retro phase! This begs the question: how much is a Crosley record player worth? Since this is a very popular record player, it … Read more

How to Replace NP6 Needle?

How to Replace NP6 Needle

“Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, “listen, mate, life has surface noise — John Peel I wasn’t convinced by this quote when I first read it. It made no sense to me that I would willingly go for seemingly lower-quality … Read more

How Much Is a Magnavox Record Player Worth?

How Much Is a Magnavox Record Player Worth

When it comes to record players, Magnavox is one of the oldest, most coveted turntables. The Magnavox first came on the market in 1958, revolutionizing the world of home appliances. Now, this vintage record player is more of a novelty. Though most people would rather listen to music on their phone or on more advanced … Read more