Are Moving Coil Cartridges Better?

Are Moving Coil Cartridges Better

An audiophile friend of yours comes over and you decide to play some records. “Are you using a moving magnet cartridge?” he asks. You nod your head in response. “You’re better off using a moving coil, trust me.” After that friend leaves, you’re now wondering, “Are moving coil cartridges better?” Well, in most cases, they … Read more

Can I Put Any Cartridge On My Turntable?

Can I Put Any Cartridge On My Turntable

To many audiophiles, vinyl records are the only way to listen to music. Being 100% analog, there’s no tone loss due to compressing the music files. That’s why vinyl offers such a superior sound quality, much like being at a live performance. This, along with various other reasons, makes turntables a worthy investment for vinyl … Read more

How To Clean Dual Turntables

How To Clean Dual Turntables

Have you noticed your Dual turntable acting up lately? Maybe the audio is a little scratchy, or you face some glitching during playback. If that’s the case, your device may be in need of some tuning up and maintenance. To help you do that, we’ll walk you through how to clean Dual turntables. Generally, you’ll … Read more

Can You Use 6 Ohm Speakers With An 8 Ohm Receiver

6 Ohm Speakers With An 8 Ohm Receiver

So, you’ve been considering setting up a good sound system at home. However, the set of speakers you own needs a receiver to go with it to take your listening experience to the next level. You browse the internet, and an 8 ohms receiver catches your attention. By now, you’re probably wondering if it’s a … Read more

How To Tell If Turntable Cartridge Is Bad

How To Tell If Turntable Cartridge Is Bad?

Does your turntable sound a little off? Well, that can happen due to many reasons. One of the most common reasons for this issue is that your cartridge is bad. Your cartridge contains a small needle, which is called the stylus. This needle comes in contact with the top of the vinyl record and sits … Read more

How To Align Turntable Cartridge: A Brief Tutorial

How To Align Turntable CartridgeHow To Align Turntable Cartridge

If you use your record player for a decent time, the needle on your cartridge will eventually wear down, and you’ll need to replace it with another one. However, to ensure that your music plays properly, you’ll need to know how to align the turntable cartridge, and that’s where this guide comes in handy! To … Read more

Why Won’t My Victrola Record Player Turn On?

Why Won’t My Victrola Record Player Turn On

Victrola makes a lot of vintage-themed models. Personally, I like their retro-inspired designs. However, since Victrola is a low-cost brand, you can expect a few issues like the record player not turning on. If you’re having the same issues yourself, you must’ve wondered, “why won’t my Victrola record player turn on?” Lucky for you, you’ve … Read more

How To Take Vinyl Out Of Sleeve?

How To Take Vinyl Out Of Sleeve?

Handling vinyl records is like handling a baby. It could be stressful, especially for new parents, I mean new vinyl collectors. Vinyl records are prone to scratching or breaking as a result of them falling out of their sleeves. So, how to take vinyl out of the sleeve properly? This is an important issue, and … Read more