The Ultimate Guide To The Best Ortofon Cartridge

The Best Ortofon Cartridge

A cartridge upgrade is one of the best things you can do for your turntable. Your turntable will thank you, and you’ll thank us for the recommendation! Not to mention, the sound quality upgrade will make you feel like you have a new device altogether. Out of all turntable cartridges on the market, the ones … Read more

Best Cartridge For Rega Planar 1

The Rega Planar 1 cartridge is no doubt a smart buy. Despite its entry-level status, the turntable offers features well beyond its price point, including its low-synchronous 24V motor and enhanced speed stability. With all the features promoted by the Rega Planar 1, you may want to pair this exceptional turntable with an upgraded cartridge. … Read more

Best Cartridges For Rega Planar 3

Best Cartridges For Rega Planar 3

The Rega Planar 3 is an outstandingly built turntable with features such as double bracing technology, float glass platter, and RB330 tonearm. A well-built turntable like this deserves to be paired with a similarly premium cartridge. From the Ortofon Bronze 2M to the Nagaoka MP-200, several cartridge options can unlock the full potential of the … Read more

7 Best Sumiko Cartridges

Best Sumiko Cartridges

As avid music lovers, we all know the importance of a good cartridge. It can make all the difference between excellent and poor audio. However, with all the options on the market, it can be a little challenging to pick just one. So, if you’re interested in finding the best Sumiko cartridge, you’ve come to … Read more

5 Best Cartridge For Rega Planar 8: Reviews And Buying Guide

5 Best Cartridge For Rega Planar 8

The cartridge is the housing part that carries the needle on your turntable, transforming the grooves on your favorite vinyl records into electrical signals that can be amplified to produce music. But even the best cartridge will last between 200 and 1000 hours of playback in the best-case scenario. So, we’re here to help you … Read more

3 Best Cartridge For Rega Planar 10: Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Cartridge For Rega Planar 10

The Rega Planar 10 is an excellent turntable, utilizing the latest technology in the world of turntables. But as an upgrade from the recommended Apheta 3 cartridge, there are several options that you can try to enhance your audio experience. Because we understand how the correct cartridge can make or break your turntable experience, we … Read more