Sumiko Blue Point 3 Review: Pros, Cons, Features, And Alternatives

Sumiko Blue Point 3 Review

Your choice of phono cartridge can make a world of difference in how you enjoy your precious vinyl records. This small yet significant audio component is responsible for holding your stylus and converting vibrations into an analog signal. For some audiophiles and sound enthusiasts, expensive cartridges come with better components and result in superior-quality music. … Read more

Sumiko Amethyst Review

Sumiko Amethyst Review

Sumiko phono cartridges have held the interest and demand of countless audiophiles and sound enthusiasts for several decades. These highly-rated and best-selling pickups are famous for two main reasons: impeccable performance and undeniable versatility. The company produces both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges with various price points and specifications for every type of audiophile. … Read more

Sumiko Blackbird Review (Is It Worth Your Money?)

As a long-standing purveyor of high-quality phono cartridges, there’s considerable weight among audiophiles when you mention the name Sumiko. For over 40 years, they’ve been a reliable source of premium music experience for analog enthusiasts worldwide. We can’t help but get excited every time they release a unit. However, what we’re going to discuss in … Read more

Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III Review

Our love for the musical aesthetics that vinyl records provide remains the same since their first release in the 1930s. Proof of that is the longstanding history of Sumiko cartridges, making their way into the 21st-century music scene. If you’re a phonograph lover, chances are you’ve heard about the latest addition to Sumiko’s Oyster line. … Read more

Sumiko Olympia Review: Your Ultimate Guide

Sumiko Olympia Overview

Despite its Japanese-sounding name, Sumiko is an American company that’s been manufacturing and distributing phono cartridges since 1982. The company’s headquarters are in Minnesota, while its production facility is in Japan. Over the years, Sumiko gradually became one of the industry leaders in analog audio. Its vast array of unbeatable cartridges caters to audiophiles of … Read more

Sumiko Oyster Cartridge Review

Sumiko Oyster Cartridge Review

Analog music shouldn’t be an expensive hobby. There’s a sea of budget cartridges out there, and one particular mollusk might have you intrigued—the Sumiko Oyster. In this Sumiko Oyster Cartridge review, we’ll give you the lowdown on the mother of all Oysters. Find out whether this classic phono pickup is the ideal starter cartridge to … Read more

Sumiko Pearl Review: The Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for one of the best beginner-friendly cartridges Sumiko has to offer, the Pearl phono cartridge is always worth mentioning. While it’s been a while since it was first introduced, there’s no denying how reliable it still is. In this Sumiko Pearl review, I’ll be discussing the famed cartridge’s pros, cons, and more. … Read more

Sumiko Rainier Review

Sumiko Rainier Review

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Japanese-manufactured product of shoddy quality, and the American brand Sumiko banks on this. Even the Rainier, the least expensive cartridge from the entry-level Oyster lineup, is a stellar performer. Picture it as the original John Wick movie to an exceptional moving magnet franchise.  In this Sumiko Rainier review, we’ve … Read more

Sumiko Starling Review: Your Ultimate Guide

Sumiko Starling Review

Sumiko has always been one of the top brands when it comes to cartridges. For over 40 years, the company has been giving us high-quality cartridges for the most premium music experience. That said, it seems like Sumiko doesn’t plan to stop yet. With their latest release, the Starling Phono Cartridge, they continue the long … Read more

Sumiko Wellfleet Review: The Ultimate Guide

Sumiko Wellfleet Review

Sumiko’s Wellfleet cartridge is fairly new to the turntable scene, but it showed great promise by improving on the series line of cartridges. Now, the big question is, is it worth getting? Allow me to help you reach that decision by discussing its key features as well as the pros and cons in this Sumiko … Read more